Gnusto has a built-in debugger, named Tossio after the spell to turn granite into fettucine.

Tossio is in its early stages at present. One day, it will have a GUI; until then, you can execute a tossio command by giving an instruction starting with a slash, in place of a command to the story. (No longer: changes to the parser have meant that Tossio can't be called from standard builds. It should return around the New Year of 2004.) Tossio is not yet recommended for general use, though it's interesting to play with and occasionally useful in solving problems. It only works at the z-code level at present; eventually it will also work with Inform source files.

These Tossio commands are defined at present:

lists all the tossio commands.
/open xxx
open mangled story file xxx.
print the value of the program counter and so on
turn on debug mode. (This is too vague!)
dissembles current story file. This can take a few seconds. Tossio won't dissemble again if it already has the information. Some commands will invoke this automatically.
make /status show current JIT JavaScript.
make tossio show some additional parser debugging
step one place through (unlikely to be one opcode because of JIT; this should be cleaner)
runs on until something interesting happens
shows dissembly around program counter
sets a breakpoint
clears a breakpoint
/show type id
shows the value of a variable
sets the value of a variable
displays the about box

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