A playthrough is a file which contains instructions about how to play a particular game. We use playthroughs for testing Gnusto releases. You may find all current playthroughs at $/src/tests/gamescripts in CVS.

A playthrough may be:

Game Reason Type Status
Balances Fair-sized modern game Both playback and ini; use the ini version for preference Working
Zork 1 Infocom game, version 3 playback Fails. Needs work.
Trinity Infocom game, version 4 playback Under construction
Hitchhiker's Infocom game, version 5 playback Fails. Possibly a terp bug. Tracking bug.

The "gamescripts" directory also contains many playback-format playthroughs for some of the test stories that come with Gnusto.

Builders of playthroughs for Infocom games will probably find this set of human-readable walkthroughs helpful.

The gnusto project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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