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This document describes the current architecture of Gnusto. The program is still changing rapidly, so parts of it may soon become out of date. We'll try to keep it updated, but it will often lag behind the code in times of flux.

This, of course, is a time of flux. Gnusto is still growing towards v1.0. In addition, we're currently moving from the entirely chrome-based architecture of v0.6 into a mostly component-based design. (What's the difference between components and chrome?) Large parts of this transition are not yet complete. Expect change. Watch Bugzilla and LiveJournal to stay informed.

Below this line: under development

Section names, and future growth: We're in the process of identifying the logical sections of the code, to replace the current ad hoc growth: eventually each section will have its own file. Newer files already do; older files are often shared by two or more logical sections. Names of sections are written thus: Felapton.

Identifier naming: A section should have a naming prefix, either its section name in lowercase or (in the case of sections which are intended to be drop-in replacements for other sections) a descriptive name. The names of identifiers exported from a section should begin with the prefix and one underscore; identifiers private to a section should begin with the prefix and two underscores. This convention is not yet followed in much of the code.

Broken down by area

Core Engine Screen Registry Debugging
chrome/components components chrome ... ...

The gnusto project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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